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Durable & Reliable Radiators for Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks

At C&R Radiator of Bismarck, ND we repair, service and sell cooling and heating products for medium and heavy duty trucks, such as radiators, charge air coolers, AC condensers, EGR coolers, oil coolers and other related products.  Our company has more than 35 years' experience and is known for honest and quality service.  You can always count on us for durable, affordable and high quality products and repairs.


Our experienced and knowledgeable team will help you select the most efficient and affordable solution for your medium and heavy duty truck needs.

Medium and Heavy Duty Truck Services

C&R Radiator has been in business since 1986. You can

rely on us for all your heavy

and medium duty truck radiators.

  • Clean and test radiators

  • Repair and recore radiators

  • Clean and test charge air coolers

  • Repair charge air coolers

  • Clean and test EGR coolers

  • Repair AC condensers and AC hoses

  • Clean and repair heater cores

Dependable Radiators and Coolers:

  • Complete Radiators

  • Radiator Cores and Gaskets

  • Charge Air Coolers

  • AC Condensers

  • Heater Cores

  • Aux. Heaters

  • Oil Coolers

Heavy truck Radiator CTA New recore radiator